A downloadable game for Windows

A Casual Party Action game to play with friends and enemies alike!

  • Arena joust for 2-4 Players (Xbox-style gamepad required for each player)
  • Hoist the sails of 4 different ships
  • Over 10 levels to fall off from
  • Battle in teams against each other


Long ago, the world shattered into pieces, floating in space.
Life went on, but not without changes...

Most technology is now powered by Rum!
It's used to fuel space-boats, their weapons, their shields.
Thus, the Age of Space Piracy begins...

Meet the Liberteers, Empirates, Drebels and the Tygoons!
On the smithereens of an Old World, they struggle for supremacy in frantic arena boat-battles.

Join a faction, matey, and engage with up to 3 friends in local multiplayer mayhem!
Joust your way through fierce free-for-all duels and turbulent team battles,
and find out who's the toughest Space Pirate around!

Don't fall off the edge of your seat, when you ram your opponents off the rim of the world...


Please consider checking out the Readme file for more info!

Please enjoy and follow us to keep yourselves updated!



Music by the one and only K A G E D A M A G E

Check out his stuff: soundcloud.com/kagedamage



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